About Us

The International Candle Awards is an independent competition recognising excellence in fine candle making. As the World’s only fully independent international candle making competition, we aim to support homegrown micro businesses and companies producing fine candle products and small companies and artisans working with candles.

By helping these markets to grow and develop, we also aim to support this entire industry.

The Awards were founded in 2021 and are run by a group of independent international partners based in Australia with years of experience making and evaluating candles.

The rules and judging are overseen by our permanent Grand Jury members, Country Partners and independent experts, who set the rules of the Awards based on ongoing consultation with our entrants.

Competitions are held once a year.

Winners of the regional competitions are judged together.

Entry to the Awards is by submission and is open for any consumer retail products that meet the quality criteria laid down in our rules. Our judges include a wide range of experts.

By making consumers more aware of the hard work and craft that goes into the best fine candle products, the International Candle Awards helps the candle industry to grow and develop in established regions as well as new markets.

By helping to identify the best candle made by the best candlemaker , we hope to help candle makers, continue to succeed at producing the world’s best candles.